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Blue Futures | Career Pathways

Botanist | Paul Sokoloff

Marine Ecology Researcher | Kathleen MacGregor

Biological Oceanographer | Brian Hunt

Research Scientist | Amanda Savoie

Human Geographer, Marine Ecologist | Maeva Gauthier

Marine Biologist | Lyne Morissette

Research Scientist | Paul Smith

Biologist | Julie Laroche

Acarologist | Monica Young

Entomologist | Joel Gibson

Inquiry Guides

Forest | Old Growth Inquiry Guide

Food | Farming & Food Security Inquiry Guide

Oceans | Life & Livelihood Inquiry Guide

Climate Change | Community Action Inquiry Guide

Forest | Prescribed Fires Inquiry Guide

Arctic | Arctic Fox Inquiry Guide

Weather | La Niña - Inquiry Guide

Arctic | The Beluga Whale - Inquiry Guide

Forest | Wildfire: Southeast Inquiry Guide

Wildlife | Kokanee Salmon Inquiry Guide

Arctic | Narwhals Inquiry Guide

Space | Life on Mars Inquiry Guide

Earth Science | Dinosaurs Inquiry Guide

Glaciers | Climate Change Inquiry Guide


Forest | Old Growth Slideshow

Food | Farming & Food Security Slideshow

Oceans | Life & Livelihood Slideshow

Climate Change | Community Action Slideshow

Forest | Prescribed Fires Slideshow

Arctic | Arctic Fox Slideshow

Forest | Wildfire: Southeast Slideshow

Arctic | The Beluga Whale - Slideshow

Weather | La Niña - Slideshow

Wildlife | Kokanee Salmon Slideshow

Arctic | Narwhals Slideshow

Space | Life on Mars Slideshow

Earth Science | Dinosaurs Slideshow

Glaciers | Climate Change Slideshow